Do you have a daughter between the age of 15-21 years old?

Things are changing, anxiety is on the rise and I am here to do something about it.


Right now, more than ever, it is important for young women to feel supported and empowered by their choices.  


I am now in the early stages of launching something extremely exciting through which I will support younger women and teenage girls to feel more confident, believe more in themselves, and achieve their goals!



My passion has alway’s been to empower young women so I wanted to share a little insight for why these developments and changes are so important to me:



A message from Emily…


When I was growing up it was about working the system and running from a programme of ‘fearing’ the worst. Coupled with the current affects of Covid19 and the uncertainty to how the younger generation will be living their lives, teen-anxiety is at an all-time high and this can be a challenging and difficult time for both parents and child aside. Adira comes in to be the mediator. To soften the blow and support young women at what seems to be a very ‘looked over’ time of their lives.


The system told me that I had to perform, I had to achieve and I had to be somebody. Nobody told me that if I did that, I would lose myself along the way.


I suffered with depression and anxiety at the age of 15, and it has taken me until now to navigate why. But there wasn’t support.  I was worried about a boyfriend or being secluded from a friendship group, I was worried about failing my results, I was worried that I didn’t actually know what I wanted from life… not to mention hiding all of this from my parents so they never found out anything! 


This isn’t about fixing broken teenagers. This is about creating a safe space for young women to express themselves and gain perspective on all areas of life. By doing this, they can create choice, establish goals and build self-esteem and resilience to move forward and experience life as it comes. 


So this is Adira… and the sister brand ‘Dear Adira’…


To help young women ‘figure this stuff out’ so they can get the best out of their lives.


This is not about creating a fool proof plan for no mess ups – this is about building self-esteem and resilience to move through the mess-ups, so young women can feel confident in making the right choices through all areas of life. We do this by providing a space to be heard, a space to go within, a space to explore and a space to take action.


IF you are a parent to a teenage daughter, would you mind sparing 3 minutes to help me on my mission please?

Hi! I’m Emily.. I’m an expert Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Coach and Empowerment Mentor with over a decade of experience in Nutrition, Coaching, Relationships and Energy Therapy.





After many years supporting women to transform their lives, I am now on a mission to step in and guide the younger female generation to unravel the overwhelm and create choice and empowerment in their current life and become fearless to step into their future. These girls need the right guidance and support to lead the way as we navigate through big change.


Lets do this together!

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