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Mums, jump off the hamster wheel and take back total control over every aspect of your life.


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Turn Your Aspirations Into A Solid Lifestyle Bluerprint

 Hi! I’m Emily Wysock-Wright, and I believe the ‘Modern Mum’ can take back total control over every aspect of her life by reprogramming the stories she tells herself, because there is enough time, you do have it in you and your kids will be just fine when you do what makes you happy.

‘The Adira Lifestyle’ offers a unique experience of Hypnotherapy, Counselling & Coaching to help Mums realise their full potential and create a lifestyle which provides ‘me time’, ‘family time’ and ‘financial freedom’.

 I’m so glad you’re here!

How are you feeling?


  • Suffering from anxiety, feeling terrified that one wrong move could cause everything you’ve created to fall apart?
  • Overthinking every tiny little thing, including feeling guilty over parenting and situations that were even out of your control?
  • Stuck in the past, going over perceived ‘mistakes’ and beating yourself up over everything?
  • Unhappy in your career, with no idea of how to move forward?
  • Lonely, or unhappy in your relationships?
  • Making decisions based on other peoples needs, instead of putting yourself first?
  • Struggling with your confidence, and allowing your self doubt to hold you back?

I can teach you how to put a stop to the self-doubt, the stress and the overwhelm, in seven simple steps…






Together, in 7 steps, we can…

  • Help you work through your thoughts and feelings, to make better sense of all of the noise.
  • Help you navigate the pressures, demands and constraints that come with modern-day living and parenting, and teach you how to handle these in a way to create more time for yourself, and your family.
  • Show you how to find confidence in yourself, to make decisions that are right for you.
  • Help you carve your path in life, working with you to understand what holds you back and how to overcome this.
  • Create your own, unique Blueprint by providing tools to unlock and address what has been overwhelming you, so you can connect to your own confidence to live the life you dreamed of.

Work With Emily To Take Back Total Control


This is for the Mum who is ready to reimagine what life they want to create. This shorter programme is a fast-track for those who need less support, but will take more action. I work with you exclusively for 7 weeks as you begin to shift through old stories which have been holding you back, and reprogram with positive, empowering stories to lead life on your terms.

Redefine & Rediscover

These programmes form ‘The Adira Signature Method’, and are for the Mum who is ready to connect with her confidence, her stamina, her productivity, her flow and her love. Together over 12-16 weeks, you’ll shift from the overwhelm, the guilt & the sleepless nights to creating your limitless life with more time and financial freedom. You will work exclusively with Emily as you move through each of The-Adira-7-Steps and embody all of your desires and aspirations.

Meet My Clients 

Louise B

Working with Emily and the Adira Programme has really helped me connect with who I am. I knew I wanted to make some changes, but I found myself making excuses, which kept me from moving forward. With Emily’s support, structure and accountability, I’m finally feeling free from the own restrictions I put on myself. Emily is compassionate yet assertive as a coach and I feel genuinely really wants you to succeed at life.

Aldona L

Thank you for this beautiful hypnotherapy session Emily. Loved diving into the subconscious barriers I am putting for myself, understanding more and it really gave me some tools to go and smash the next important few things I have in my hands! My first of many sessions I am sure. Loved your voice too 🙂

Asha P

Emily’s wealth of experience and wisdom is exceptional. She brings a professional yet deeply personal approach that facilitates healing and empowerment at a profound level.

Sara K

I went to Emily to help resolve some anxiety I had surrounding an upcoming interview that was impacting my sleep. After just one session I felt clear headed and focussed. I’m looking forward to my next session. I really recommend her to anyone who is struggling with an issue and wants quick results.