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7 Steps To Igniting Your Inner Fire

Adira guides and empowers success-driven women through a 7 step self-discovery journey to becoming their most confident self, by accessing their personal power and walking in alignment with their life vision and purposeful path.

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What would it mean to have a step-by-step roadmap, which is proven to take you through your crossroads and show you how to embody your desires and create your limitless life with more purpose and intention?

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My Strong Points

Working with success-driven women who feel they have a reached a crossroads in their life and who are lacking the confidence and clarity to make the decisions, and step out of their comfort zone to follow a new direction.



Setting Boundaries
Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
Building Inner Confidence
Building Resilience
Creating Clarity
Creating A Healthy Lifestyle

How does it work?

Personal Attention

Your story is different to everybody else's so it makes sense that the 1:1 mentorship programme is going to be unique to you. Have yourself a personal sounding board, where you're encouraged to be accountable to the life you want to create, offering you unconditional support and encouragement to overcome any blocks which may be holding you back.

7-Step Strategy

Through my life’s work and personal journey I have discovered 7 core principals to self-growth and a deep, lasting transformation. The Adira 7-step programme brings clarity to individual circumstances, addressing the root causes of women’s current challenges and empowers them to live with confidence, purpose and intention.

360 Health & Wellbeing

Often when you're busy and feeling burnt out, your own needs get forgotten and it's easy to lose sight of how you should be looking after yourself. The power of food and how to look after your 'whole-self' is a key part of every Adira programme as it lays a strong foundation for you to feel the very best version of yourself.

Science Meets Spirituality

Being aligned physically, emotionally and energetically is a powerful combination. The 7-steps, which also aligns with the 7 Chakras are there to bring you back to balance energetically from the ground up.

Emily Wysock-Wright

Founder & Self Growth Strategist

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