5 Steps to Find More Time for Yourself

With lockdown number 2 imminent it’s all too easy to allow yourself to slip to the bottom of your priorities. When the world is feeling uncertain and circumstances are out of your control, now is the time to anchor yourself to what you can control – YOU.

When your life already feels like a juggling act of kids, work, business, partner and now a lockdown, it can be hard to see how it would even be possible to find any more time, and even if you were able to find the time, many of us would feel selfish, or guilty, taking that time for ourselves. 

If this rings a bell, read on to find out why taking more time for yourself is essential, and how to do just that…

Why ‘Me Time’ is Important…

The truth is that we need time to rest, relax and recover to be able to stay on top of everything and give more. If it helps, think of the time you take for yourself being beneficial to everyone, not just yourself, as this time enables you to continue to help and love your family and friends, stay on top of your career, and everything else you have to do.

Time for yourself is something you should truly desire without guilt, struggle and limits. 

Five Steps to Take Back More Time Over Lockdown:


  1. Get organised. This means planning your time, your days off and when scheduling in your ‘me-time’. If you fail to plan you plan to fail! 
  2. Have firm boundaries about when work starts and finishes – especially if you are working from home. 
  3. Spend quality time with YOURSELF. Yep – give yourself romance, love, pleasure & relaxation.
  4. Ask for help at home – from your partner, nanny, kids or whoever is there. This is a home and a community for everybody to contribute too.
  5. Be present with your kids – switch off your phone between certain hours, play games, read stories, listen, teach about what you have learnt through life. All they want and need is presence.

If time is an issue right now, something has to change. 

There are ways in which you can create more time for yourself, and this is something that all women should do, primarily for their own wellbeing, but also for the greater good too.

I know this is something you need, so i’ve made it easy for you. I believe that Me-time starts by pampering your thoughts, and to support you through lockdown, I have created a 4 week Me-Time Menu, where you can follow my FREE talks, tools & challenges which have your number one needs in mind.


You can subscribe to the calendar for free here.


Emily Wysock-Wright, a Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Coach and Empowerment Mentor, founded The Adira Lifestyle because she understood that something had to change for the women of today. Using her own experience growing up and the difficulties she faced as a mother who owned a business, combined with over a decade of experience supporting women to transform their lives, Emily created the Adira Lifestyle, an all encompassing platform for Mums and women who are ready to take back total control of their lives.


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