It’s perfectly normal to feel like your life is running away from you, with no clear way to regain control and take charge of the direction again. Especially during these difficult times of human distancing.

This can be scary, and it can feel like there’s no way to regain control, but I’m here to show you that there is!


The first step is to recognise when you’re struggling. This is a big step in itself as this isn’t easy to admit, and often it is something that you can’t see until you stop. 


If you feel like things are out of control, it’s time to stop and take a look back at the last few weeks and consider whether they’ve gone the way you wanted them to, and if you had much or any influence over what happened. If the answer is no, then it is time to do something about it.


I call these low vibes, but if you often feel overwhelmed, struggle to make decisions and feel stuck, these are further signs that it may be time to anchor yourself and take back control of what your heart is calling for. You can now choose to take action, and this is the first step to regaining control. With this in mind, here are three exercises to help you regain control of your life:

  1. Journaling – this isn’t just another fad, it really does work and helps you bring awareness of what your thoughts are saying, where they’re coming from and how your life is playing out.
  2. Prioritising – knowing what you have to get done is one thing, but often when you are running towards burnout, you tend to only tick off 1 thing of what you planned to do. Prioritising, planning and slowing yourself down whilst doing this, will help you take those steps out of what is familiar and forward to where you are going.
  3. Focus – focusing on one thing, rather than everything naturally creates the ‘ripple’ effect for everything else. Too often I see women trying to do everything because they believe they have to. Actually, slowing right down and focusing on ‘the one’ thing they need to do right now, brings everything else into alignment.
  4. With careful planning, motivation and dreams for the future, you can regain control of your life, and start to work towards the life that you want and deserve.

If time is an issue right now, something has to change.

There are ways in which you can create more time for yourself, and this is something that all women should do, primarily for their own wellbeing, but also for the greater good too.

I know this is something you need, so i’ve made it easy for you. I believe that Me-time starts by pampering your thoughts, and to support you through lockdown, I have created a 4 week Me-Time Menu, where you can follow my FREE talks, tools & challenges which have your number one needs in mind.


You can subscribe to the calendar for free here.


Emily Wysock-Wright, a Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Coach and Empowerment Mentor, founded The Adira Lifestyle because she understood that something had to change for the women of today. Using her own experience growing up and the difficulties she faced as a mother who owned a business, combined with over a decade of experience supporting women to transform their lives, Emily created the Adira Lifestyle, an all encompassing platform for Mums and women who are ready to take back total control of their lives.


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