Emily Wysock-Wright


Founded by Emily, a Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Coach and Empowerment Mentor, Emily understood that something had to change for the women of today. Using her own experience growing up and the difficulties she faced, combined with over a decade of experience supporting women to transform their lives, Emily created Adira Lifestyle, an all encompassing platform for women.

Emily works to guide women to unravel the overwhelm and allow them to create choice and empowerment, to become fearless to step into their futures.

She tackles this by offering Hypnotherapy & Coaching programmes, workshops and a wealth of resources for women to help them live calm & confident lives.

“You Are Powerful, Brilliant, Beautiful & Brave”

  • Authentic
  • Practical
  • Realistic 
  • Spiritual

My Story

I too am on the journey of life. Below, I explain what makes me who I am and why I am lucky enough to help women like you.

Qualified from The Holistic Healing College and Registered with The Complimentary Medical Assosication.

Dip Nutritional Therapy

Dip Spritual Counselling & Coaching

Life Coach

Dip Hypnotherapist 

Reiki and all things energy.

Rewind to 2012 I was desperately trying to reach my goal of being a doctor, however in an ironic twist of fate whilst learning how to look after others, I struggled with my own health.

In hindsight, I had no self-worth; no self-belief and I was engaging in extremely self-destructive behaviours. I was existing within my body, feeling very sick, dangerously underweight and depressed, faking my way through each day. I felt I had let everyone around me down and incredibly alone. Every essence of me was screaming for change – I was out of control and I could no longer rely on external ‘thrills’ to fulfil me. I had to look within.

It was here that I really began to assign the theory of ‘me’ as my mission. To uncover who I am and what I stand for, to know my truth and my passions and consciously shift my energy to focus on what is important to me and living in the now. 

I stopped trying to change my story, I knew that I had to hold it as close to my heart as possible and change my relationship with it and here is where I changed my whole relationship with how my reality is manifested and experienced. 

I began to live again through all my senses. I stopped chasing fulfilment through short-lived pleasures such as food, drink, thrills and excitement and put all my focus into now and living from the inside out.

I am now on a mission to guide women to become calm, grounded, healthy and the effect leader their world needs. I created The Adira Lifestyle as a community for women who are looking for something else in life and feel ready to ignite their feminine power from within. Her mission is to help women access what they need to breakthrough to the next level of their journey and provide tools to unlock and address what is subconsciously limiting their experience of life.