Emily Wysock-Wright


Adira, founded by Emily, a Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Coach and Empowerment Mentor, because Emily understood that something had to change for the women of today. Using her own experience growing up and the difficulties she faced as a mother who owned a business, combined with over a decade of experience supporting women to transform their lives, Emily created the Adira Lifestyle, an all encompassing platform for Mums and women who are ready to take back total control of their lives.

Emily works to guide women to unravel the overwhelm and allow them to create choice and empowerment, to become fearless to step into their futures.

She tackles this by offering Hypnotherapy & Coaching programmes, workshops and a wealth of resources for women to help them live calm & confident lives.

“You Are Powerful, Brilliant, Beautiful & Brave”

  • Authentic
  • Practical
  • Realistic 
  • Spiritual

My Story

I too am on the journey of life. Below, I explain what makes me who I am and why I am lucky enough to help women like you.

Qualified from The Holistic Healing College and Registered with The Complimentary Medical Assosication.

Dip Nutritional Therapy

Dip Spritual Counselling & Coaching

Life Coach

Dip Hypnotherapist 

Reiki and all things energy.

I grew up believing that for me, my main purpose was to be a mother.

When my daughter Phoebe arrived, I gave every part of me, my power, to being a mother and to her, so much so that I assigned myself to that role. When it came to the crunch, I knew I also needed to figure out who I was aside from this as I felt stuck.

I didn’t really know who I was, all I felt was the guilt for wanting to be ‘Me’ and not ‘Mummy’. I remember feeling pretty lonely, misunderstood, constantly chasing the clock and honestly, questioning if this is what life was about. It felt incredibly overwhelming and the pressure I had put on myself to ‘perform’ was unbearable. 

I knew something had to change, not just for me, but for all of the Mums out there! This is when I created my first ‘Lifestyle Business’, where I began to help new mums feel their best with Nutritional coaching, and it was the start of my journey to be who I am now. I wanted to create something which gave me a profession, identity, purpose and financial freedom… plus allowed me to have all the time I needed for myself and to nurture my daughter. 

Naturally this is something that has evolved for me over the years, and I am delighted to have now strategised a lifestyle blueprint to guide mums to gain total control over every aspect of their lives, by connecting to their life’s purpose and power to make the right decisions for herself. This way, everybody benefits.