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About Emily

About Emily

Where the journey began

I Am Emily

I’m Emily Wysock-Wright, and I am super proud to be a leading and highly trained Self-Growth Strategist, Transformation Coach and Empowerment Mentor with over a decade of experience in Nutrition, Coaching, Relationships and Energy Therapy.


I am also a Mum, Health & Wellness Advocate and a woman who has overcome a number of challenges to have the privilege to be sat here showing you how to dig deep for your passion and align your life journey with clarity.

My Journey

I too am on the journey of life and I follow my own 7-step methodology. Below, I explain what makes me who I am, and why I am lucky enough to help women like you.


My signature methodology ‘The Adira 7-Step Method’ bridges the gap of science and spirituality to provide you with the self-growth strategy you’ll need to ignite your feminine power to walk in alignment with your purposeful path.





My Reality

Rewind to 2012 I was desperately trying to reach my goal of being a doctor, however in an ironic twist of fate whilst learning how to look after others, I struggled with my own health

My Reflection

In hindsight, I had no self-worth; no self-belief and I was engaging in extremely self-destructive behaviours. I was existing within my body, feeling very sick, dangerously underweight and depressed, faking my way through each day. I felt I had let everyone around me down and incredibly alone. Every essence of me was screaming for change – I was out of control and I could no longer rely on external ‘thrills’ to fulfil me. I had to look within.

Rock Bottom

As I spiralled towards rock bottom, I was very lucky to have an incredibly supportive family who empowered me to make the choice to change. It was here that I started my own self-rediscovery journey as I spent 6 months in a therapy centre.

My Recovery

I had to face up to the shadow of myself – the side of my personality containing all the parts of myself that I didn’t want to admit to having.


After all, I had spent the past few years doing anything I possibly could to avoid this part of me. I felt in a place of crisis, abandonment and totally hopeless, but it was only a matter of weeks before I felt my spark light up again.


My Belief

It was here that I really began to assign the theory of ‘me’ as my mission. To uncover who I am and what I stand for, to know my truth and my passions and consciously shift my energy to focus on what is important to me and living in the now. 


I stopped trying to change my story, I knew that I had to hold it as close to my heart as possible and change my relationship with it and here is where I changed my whole relationship with how my reality is manifested and experienced. 


I began to live again through all my senses. I stopped chasing fulfilment through short-lived pleasures such as food, drink, thrills and excitement and put all my focus into now and living from the inside out.

My Passion

I did complete my studies, but not as a doctor. I re-found my passion through nutrition in 2015 and launched my first nutritional consultancy, Healthiwise. 

I helped women through weight loss journeys and to connect to who they really are – just a small contribution in comparison with what I empower women to do now through Adira. 

I have since continued my studies in kinesiology, reiki and spiritual counselling which covers an array of different modalities including NLP, soul plan and hypnotherapy.

My Purpose

I created Adira after 4 years running a nutritional consultancy and watching the correlation of women with low self-worth and health issues. 


I could see clearly how women had fallen off their path and seemed desperate for more structure, support and accountability in their lives. This was all something I could relate to my own journey of self-destruction, so I assigned my mission to provide this for the women I work with. I no longer change the way women eat, I show them how to change their lives.


If you have found yourself feeling trapped, unsatisfied and like you are losing control, then I’m inviting you to reclaim your power and start anew so you can move from survival mode to living a life that truly lights you up.


Thank you for reading! can you resonate with any part of my journey?

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