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A 7-Step Proven Method which helps you shine light on limitations and breakthrough unhelpful behaviour patterns, so you can access your personal power and walk in total alignment with your purposeful path.

It’s a framework that when followed and applied in the right way with consistency, it will create a certain, but unique outcome.


It’s a way of doing things with step-by-step actions that will give you confidence and clarity to access your personal power, which may have been forgotten about through life so far.


It’s Emily’s own personal tool for changing her life and health that sees her walk in alignment and lead herself every day.

Science Meets Spirituality

The methodology of the 7-steps also aligns with the 7 Chakras to balance you energetically from the ground up.

Attached to the chakras are of course the 5-elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.


These align perfectly to ignite your inner strength and feminine power from within, when manifested in combination with restoring your health from the inside out. 


The programme offers a wholesome and holistic solution, which brings clarity to your individual circumstances and addresses the root cause of underlying issues and setting you on your journey through life  with purpose and confidence.


Emily works with a number of different interventions and therapies to bring your emotional, physical and energetic self back to balance.

Courageously Curious

We create the path to explore new experiences. We’re motivated to shatter myths, take things apart, leave behind the known and find new truths.

Glowing With Inner Strength

We radiate with inspiring strength, faith and a connection with our true self.

Powerfully Optimistic

We have an enthusiastic, dynamic zest for life and an unwavering belief in everyone’s potential to become more than they are today.

Open To Grow

We’re always flexible, with an open mindset and an ability to face shifting challenges, while continuously learning and growing.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Belief creates a space for expansion and possibility.

I believe in awakening woman’s feminine power to their inner potential for positive change and want to see a world where all women are on a journey to discover who they truly are, so that more women can feel empowered to live passion fuelled lives.

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