JOIN ME FOR A FREE 3-PART LIVE MASTERCLASS: 7 Steps To Living A Life With Purpose & Confidence.
* 28th, 29th, 30th June.
* 1 hour per series

In This FREE 3-part LIVE masterclass, I am sharing the 7-step methodology from my unique Adira Programme. This masterclass will take you through a journey to embrace each of the steps, create change and truly value yourself enough to live the passion fuelled life of the empowered woman

This masterclass will help you:

  • Feel connected to who you really are, ignite your inner fire and begin to see the vision for where you want to be heading.
  • Explore who you are and what makes you unique. Reignite your core values which you may have buried deep.
  • Acknowledge and let go of the critical voice in your head and show you how to unconditionally love yourself through maintaining positive boundaries with those around you.
  • Live a limitless life, with purpose and love. To feel empowered to walk the path you have set yourself and give back to the people you care and love for.

Hi! I’m Emily.. I’m a leading and highly trained Self-Growth Strategist, Transformation Coach and Empowerment Mentor with over a decade of experience in Nutrition, Coaching, Relationships and Energy Therapy.


I’m also a Mum, Health & Wellness Advocate and a woman who has overcome a number of challenges to have the privilege to be sat here showing you how to dig deep for your passion and align your life journey with clarity.


My signature methodology ‘The Adira 7-Step Method’ bridges the gap of science and spirituality to provide you with the self-growth strategy you’ll need to ignite your feminine power to walk in alignment with your purposeful path.

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