Hey You

Maintaining inner peace is hard, especially when you’re stuck at home. Now more than ever, you’re wondering what that something is which is holding you back.

There are insecurities you’re not understanding, A knowing sense that you’re not experiencing deep happiness or fulfilment the way you deserve to.

How many times have you told yourself that you couldn’t succeed because you don’t have enough confidence, or strength, or ability?

Is there trauma from your past that you know remains lodged in your subconscious, unprocessed, unhealed and impacting you everyday – and without your consent?

Do you resonate with the feelings of anger, guilt, impatience, self-doubt and fear?

How Can I Support You?

1:1 Mentorship

Everything you need is inside of you…but you’re right, it does feel like something is missing. 

You’re ready to push, you’re ready to experience your full purpose and potential…


It’s on the tip of your tongue, and you know you need to go deeper….

You know that deep down, the ‘thing’ holding you back is you.

You’re now wondering why other therapies haven’t helped you facilitate change… 

Meet Emily, Your Guide

The most powerful part of you is…..Your story.

Founder of Adira Lifestyle, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Mentor, is on a mission to guide women to become calm, grounded, healthy and the effect leader their world needs. Emily created The Adira Lifestyle as a community for women who are looking for something else in life and feel ready to ignite their feminine power from within. Her mission is to help women access what they need to breakthrough to the next level of their journey and provide tools to unlock and address what is subconsciously limiting their experience of life. 


Life doesn’t have to remain how it is. You can take the first step today. You are not broken, you are resilient and you have proven that over and over. 

It is your turn to experience deep joy, true fulfilment and ultimate satisfaction.


You’ve made it here, but now is the time to imagine what the next level looks like.

Imagine a YOU that is no longer limited by what you can’t see. Imagine what that version of you can do for yourself and everything which occupies your world.

When you’re able to maintain inner peace in the face of the trials and tribulations that inevitably come up through change and growth…

You make confident and grounded decisions

You radiate a deep sense of self worth, which positively impacts the world around you.

You’ll leave behind overwhelm and insecurities like…

… overthinking, confusion, panic attacks, performance anxiety, nagging doubts and guilt, compulsive behaviours which are weighing you down, extra weight of the world around you.

You Can Have It All

This Is Your Opportunity To Maximise Your Potential And To Create Impact In Your World – Whatever That Looks Like To You.

No Challenge Is Big Or Small, Hypnotherapy Builds The Bridge That Other Modalities Simply Can’t.

This Is Your Opportunity To Maximise Your Potential And To Create Impact In Your World – Whatever That Looks Like To You.

No Challenge Is Big Or Small, Hypnotherapy Builds The Bridge That Other Modalities Simply Can’t.

Let’s Dive In – How Does This Work?

Access what you need to get clear and breakthrough to where you are going next.

You will work exclusively with Emily Wysock-Wright to unlock and address what is subconsciously limiting your experience of life.

This is a bespoke solution and the length of the programme will be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

A typical structure and flow of the programme goes like this:

STEP 1: Clearing out insecurities & fears.

We often start with issues and challenges that are the most present in your day-to-day life. By clearing these, you’ll get to experience lasting change nearly immediately after beginning to work together.

STEP 2: Clearing Out Self-Sabotage

We all have our own flavours of self-sabotage. Whether it is drinking an extra glass of wine, over-extending ourselves in work, collapsing boundaries for others, procrastinating well past deadlines – or whatever it is, it’s time to program your subconscious mind to make consistent decisions for your highest good and desired future.

Step 3: Upgrade Communication & How You Show Up In The World

We explore presentation skills, communication upgrades for work and where you might need it most, in your personal life. This includes how you hold yourself, and the energy you emit. Any subconscious insecurity you harbour must be reprogrammed so calm and confidence are what you project to the world.

Step 4: Relationships For Personal & Business

Relationships are the glue that bind our lives together. It’s time to make sure that you are showing up in your power and truth in all types of relationships.

Step 5: Explore Remaining Subconscious Challenges

While most challenges are covered by the 5 previous categories, for anything else that is relevant to you, we’ll spend this week eradicating the issue.

Week 6: Manifestation & Creation

What you are creating in the world will come from a place of focused clarity, calm and joy now that your subconscious has been transformed. We explore manifestation, purpose and goal setting.

Hear From My Lovely Clients

Louise Bell

Working with Emily and the Adira Programme has really helped me connect with who I am. I knew I wanted to make some changes, but I found myself making excuses, which kept me from moving forward. With Emily’s support, structure and accountability, I’m finally feeling free from the own restrictions I put on myself. Emily is compassionate yet assertive as a coach and I feel genuinely really wants you to succeed at life.

Asha P

Emily’s wealth of experience and wisdom is exceptional. She brings a professional yet deeply personal approach that facilitates healing and empowerment at a profound level

Aldona L

Thank you for this beautiful hypnotherapy session Emily. Loved diving into the subconscious barriers I am putting for myself, understanding more and it really gave me some tools to go and smash the next important few things I have in my hands! My first of many sessions I am sure. Loved your voice too 🙂

Sara Khan

I went to Emily to help resolve some anxiety I had surrounding an upcoming interview that was impacting my sleep. After just one session I felt clear headed and focussed. I’m looking forward to my next session. I really recommend her to anyone who is struggling with an issue and wants quick results.

Your Questions Answered

What Does Adira Mean?

The meaning of Adira is STRONG, NOBLE & POWERFUL. Adira is a unique, seven-step programme designed by leading wellness expert Emily Wysock-Wright, to support women through their journey of self-rediscovery.

Who is this programme suitable for?

The programme is suitable for women who have lost their identity or feel like they are heading down a path they weren’t destined to be on and are seeking safe and trusted advice to break the mould and rediscover what they truly want in life.

I can't relax so hypnotherapy work on me?

Hypnosis does not require that you are already relaxed, although it is more pleasant when you are, and relaxation may be a side effect. 

Though not necessary, the fact is that some people on experiencing hypnosis for themselves report that this was the first time they have ever been able to relax.

Is it true that only certain people respond to hypnosis?

People experience various states of trance in everyday life. This can be utilised in a positive sense for the vast majority of people with hypnotherapy. This assumes of course that they actually wish to experience hypnotherapy. There have been some studies carried out where less than 50 per cent of the participants responded to certain criteria and suggestions set out by the Universities who conducted the experiment.

Will I remember everything that happened?

Just as when you listen to a speech your mind wanders and you don’t remember everything consciously, so too, it is in hypnosis. The bottom line is that it is up to you. You can choose to listen to everything or just let go like in a daydream. The beauty is it will be effective either way.

Is it dangerous?

No, you are constantly going in and out of trances every day of your life. There has never been a case recorded of anyone dying from Hypnosis.

Will I be able to hear what you are saying or suggesting?

You will be able to follow everything I say if you choose but this is not necessary. You may also choose to let your mind wander.

Will I do anything against my will, reveal any deep secrets or act foolishly?

You will be in total control 🙂

What if I don’t wake up?

You won’t be asleep as such and even if I left halfway through you would naturally ‘come out’ immediately or after a short time.

How will my progress be assessed?

I will check in and gather your feedback regularly to assess how you are getting on and which elements of the programme need to be focused on.

When can I expect to see results?

Every client journey is different, but the Adira Programme is designed to achieve long-lasting and transformative results.

How do I get started?

Click this link here, fill in some details and book in for a clarity call so we can plan out the next best steps for you.

More About Your Guide, Emily

After overcoming challenges with her own mental health, Emily has spent nearly a decade working with women to transform their lives with Hypnotherapy, Nutrition, Coaching, Counselling and Energy Therapy, and she is passionate about integrating all of her tools and practices to create ultimate satisfaction for her clients.