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Emily works with women from all over the world using Zoom or Skype to connect us to our virtual meeting room. We are currently only accepting 1:1 clients however, there is an online group rolling out very soon.

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Personal Attention

In Emily’s 1:1 mentorship programmes, she know's that each person is unique. She becomes your personal sounding board, where she will highlight challenges and resistance, and offer you unconditional support to overcome any blocks which may be holding you back.

7-Step Strategy

There are 7 core steps to self-growth and a deep, lasting transformation. These steps are the foundations for you to gain clarity on your past, to access your personal power within and walk in total alignment with your purposeful path.

360 Health & Wellbeing

Working with you to restore your health from the inside out, offering a wholesome solution which brings clarity to your individual circumstances and addresses the root cause of underlying issues and setting you on your journey with purpose and confidence.

Science Meets Spirituality

The methodology of the 7-steps also aligns with the 7 Chakras to bring you back to balance energetically from the ground up. Attached to the chakras are of course the 5-elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

We Use Real Tools

How Do We create change?


Unlocking your potential for positive change. Breakthrough unhelpful behaviour patterns so you can see what is possible and step-by-step begin to make it happen.


Working with the subconscious mind to unlock potential, administer healing and ignite own self love.


Making sense of your past, understanding belief systems and what make you who you are today.


Using the energetic body to release blockages, restore balance and boost your immune system.

nutritional Therapy

Using your body's symptoms to understand the root cause of what is going on. Using the right foods, supplements and lifestyle practices to get your body working how it should.

Spiritual healing

To understand the emotional root of trauma, clear and re-pattern cellular energy to ensure your physical and emotional body is in optimal form.

Walking the walk

Emily has spent many years optimising her programme  to create her own wholesome life, where she lives with clarity and confidence.


Everything she works through with you, she continues to practice every, single day. 

Our Promise

All the strategies, tools, healing interventions and systems mentored throughout ‘The Adira 7-step Programme,’ have been refined by Emily’s own self-growth and transformation journey, and backed by over a decade of her study and expertise within the field of women’s health, wellbeing, spirituality and strategic transformation.

Best Practices

We are proud to offer a high-level of support throughout this programme, as Emily too has been where you have been and experienced mediocracy in the support she received in the early days of her journey. Our aim is provide excellence to you, open your mind up to what is ‘possible’, to well and truly re-ignite your inner fire.

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The meaning of Adira is STRONG, NOBLE & POWERFUL. Adira is a unique, seven-step programme designed by leading wellness expert Emily Wysock-Wright, to support women through their journey of self-rediscovery.

Leading wellness expert and mother of one, Emily Wysock-Wright created the Adira Programme and has more than 11 years’ experience of both study and work within the healthcare sector. She is qualified in 10 different fields of expertise including nutrition, spiritual counselling, kinesiology and behavioural coaching.

The Adira Programme is comprised of coaching, wellness retreats, health and nutritional advice, exercise and meditation techniques. Emily will be with you during each step of your journey to ensure you are on the track to rediscovery.

Yes. The Adira journey begins with a complimentary discovery call where Emily will help you to understand why you may have lost the connection with who you truly are.

The programme is suitable for women who have lost their identity or feel like they are heading down a path they weren’t destined to be on and are seeking safe and trusted advice to break the mould and rediscover what they truly want in life.

An important element of the Adira seven-step programme is nutrition and the healing power of the right food. Emily will work on a personalised plan which will be reviewed regularly to keep you balanced and improve the physical symptoms of stress and illness throughout the body

Emily will check in and gather your feedback regularly to assess how you are getting on and which elements of the programme need to be focused on.

Every client journey is different, but the Adira Programme is designed to achieve long-lasting and transformative results.

Adira has been designed to help women rediscover who they truly are and aims to simplify, enhance and improve their lives. Emily will create a realistic and achievable programme that fits around you – there isn’t a one size that fits all.

Yes. Please contact Emily to discuss your payment plan needs.

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