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The 7 Steps

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A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Successful Transformation

The 7-Step Methodology

Adira is a 7-step journey to uncovering your courage to embrace change and truly value yourself enough to live the passion fuelled life of the empowered woman.

Step 1

The Realisation that staying the same is no longer an option and enough, really is enough. Choosing to move forward is to accept all parts of yourself and embrace the journey of self-growth.

What will step one do for you? – Getting clear on where you currently are, and that now is the time to begin your journey of change and transformation.

Step 2

The Possibility becomes visible as you first allow yourself to become vulnerable and experience yourself in the present moment. You realise your potential is no longer defined by loss or the past and you begin to see the possibility within your present situation.

What will this step do for you? – Show you how to bring yourself into the present moment. We do this by creating a relationship with your past and opening up the doors to pleasure again.

Step 3

The Journey commences! On the Adira Programme, by now you will have felt the warmth and comfort within our space for you to journey within, exploring your childhood conditioning, raising awareness of the behaviours and cycles you have been repeatedly engaging in, and gaining clarity on your personal values which will empower you for your journey of transformation.

What will this step do for you? – Help you explore who you are and what makes you unique. A reboot of energy as you will get to the bottom of your core values which you may have buried deep.

Step 4

The Separation from your ego or false-self, allowing the authentic you to shine. I empower you to let go of the self-limitations, people, places and things which aren’t fuelling your passion and igniting your purpose.

What will this step do for you? – Help you let go of the usually critical voice in your head. It shows you how to unconditionally love yourself and maintain positive boundaries with those around you.

Step 5

The Courage to leave behind your known reality and turn your fears into lessons, growth and expansion. As your comfort zone expands, a deep self-understanding occurs as your blast away old beliefs and really delve into your new reality.

What will this step do for you? – To let the comfort of your previous life go as you begin to live with integrity and own your unique expression of self.

Step 6​

The Connection with your true self and where you begin to arrive at your inner-meaning of life. Here, we can really start exploring the transformation taking place and I encourage concise goal setting as everything begins to come together and we plan your better future.

What will this step do for you? – Feel connected to who you really are, ignite your inner fire and begin to see the vision for where you want to be heading.

Step 7

The Success to fully embody your desires and create your limitless life with more purpose and intention. New beginnings flow with the implementation of healthy boundaries, balance and the previous steps building blocks, to continue your journey as an ADIRA woman.

What will this step do for you? – Live a limitless life, with purpose and love. To feel empowered to walk the path you have set yourself and give back to the people you care and love for.

Being Adira

This is the most difficult and important work of your life and I am here to guide you through it as your mentor, coach, friend and cheerleader, every step of the way.

I encourage you to purposefully move through the 7-steps at your own speed and integrate your new emotional and energetic self in the physical world that you are familiar with. Your behaviours will match your intentions and actions will be equal to your thoughts.

You will go through a transformation to see yourself and live life truthfully, with more passion and intimacy than ever.

Start Now

I work with women from all over the world using Zoom or Skype to connect us to our virtual meeting room. I am currently only accepting 1:1 clients however, there is an online group rolling out in September.

The first step is to complete an application form to get clarity on where you currently are, what has got previously challenged you and what you need now.

This also helps me prepare for our clarity call. As you work through this, I know all to well that feeling of 'agh I don't know' and to just abandon the process.

If this comes up for you, please sit with it...try to think about what it is that is blocking you from answering the question.

FREE 7-Step Workbook

Get access to the Adira 7-Step framework and toolset

We are passionate about your autonomy and believe this journey is for those who are ready. We have put together a totally free 7-step workbook for you to have a go yourself, at home and begin to live the passion fuelled life of the empowered woman.

Programme Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

The programme offers a wholesome and holistic solution, which brings clarity to your individual circumstances and addresses the root cause of underlying issues and setting you on your journey through life  with purpose and confidence

Setting Boundaries
Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
Building Inner Confidence
Building Resilience
Creating Clarity
Creating A Healthy Lifestyle



It’s a 7-Step Proven Method which helps you shine light on limitations and breakthrough unhelpful behaviour patterns, so you can access your personal power and walk in total alignment with your purposeful path.




It’s a framework that when followed and applied in the right way with consistency, it will create a certain, but unique outcome.


Gain Confidence

It’s a way of doing things with step-by-step actions that will give you confidence and clarity to access your personal power.

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We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

The meaning of Adira is STRONG, NOBLE & POWERFUL. Adira is a unique, seven-step programme designed by leading wellness expert Emily Wysock-Wright, to support women through their journey of self-rediscovery.

Leading wellness expert and mother of one, Emily Wysock-Wright created the Adira Programme and has more than 11 years’ experience of both study and work within the healthcare sector. She is qualified in 10 different fields of expertise including nutrition, spiritual counselling, kinesiology and behavioural coaching.

The Adira Programme is comprised of coaching, wellness retreats, health and nutritional advice, exercise and meditation techniques. Emily will be with you during each step of your journey to ensure you are on the track to rediscovery.

Yes. The Adira journey begins with a complimentary discovery call where Emily will help you to understand why you may have lost the connection with who you truly are.

The programme is suitable for women who have lost their identity or feel like they are heading down a path they weren’t destined to be on and are seeking safe and trusted advice to break the mould and rediscover what they truly want in life.

An important element of the Adira seven-step programme is nutrition and the healing power of the right food. Emily will work on a personalised plan which will be reviewed regularly to keep you balanced and improve the physical symptoms of stress and illness throughout the body

Emily will check in and gather your feedback regularly to assess how you are getting on and which elements of the programme need to be focused on.

Every client journey is different, but the Adira Programme is designed to achieve long-lasting and transformative results.

Adira has been designed to help women rediscover who they truly are and aims to simplify, enhance and improve their lives. Emily will create a realistic and achievable programme that fits around you – there isn’t a one size that fits all.

Yes. Please contact Emily to discuss your payment plan needs.

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